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St Joseph’s Public School is Run & Managed by Mishri Singh Vishwamohinee Memorial Educational Scientific & Health Trust. The establishment of the trust was in sweet memory of the beloved parents. Sri Anil Kumar Sinha is also secretary of the St. Joseph’s Mishri Singh Vishwamohinee Memorial Teacher’s Training College. He drew inspiration from his father Late Mishri Singh (1899-1984). His father was a social reformer, an indefatigable freedom fighter, a true secularist, a pioneer in the field of education, a great humanist, an altruist and above all a true son of the soil of Dalsingsarai. He contributed lavishly by giving away lands and money to several institutions in town and its surroundings. He was so popular with the people of the district that he was elected MLA (From the congress) for two consecutive terms (1957-1967). Later on he refused the ticket offered by the congress party for the third time due to his declining health. He fought for the uplift of the poor and downtrodden. He believed in and advocated for education to all. His wife Late Vishwaqmohinee Sinha, a pious lady, stood by him. She was a part and parcel of her husband’s mental thought and action.

What we do

Our Students are Support For Us

We provide best practices and approach to grab the knowledge using various approaches. By which our students can compete any where in the world.

Exprienced Faculty

Broadly speaking, the function of teachers is to help students learn by imparting knowledge to them and by setting up a situation in which students can and will learn effectively. But teachers fill a complex set of roles, which vary from one society to another and from one educational level to another. Some of these roles are performed in the school, some in the community. Our teacher will give children purpose, set them up for success as citizens of our world, and inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life.

Smart Class

Defining the term ‘Smart Classes’, it is a classroom blended with technology enabling learning and teaching experiences. The smart class makes learning fun and interesting for the students and enables teachers to teach effectively. Quality education is very important in today’s world. As the world is moving fast with growing competition, one needs to keep up. Hence, the smart class is a technological boon for the education system

Functional Labs

School labs are a great place for students which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms. Well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments fun but also help students in achieving better understanding as well as good academic results.

Library & Competitive books

In addition to classroom visits with collaborating teachers, the school library also serves as a learning space for students to do independent work, use competitive books, biography and research materials; to host special events such as author visits and book clubs; and for tutoring and testing.


We Learn and Rise

Extra Activities

To Enhance our student talent inside out.

Art & Craft

Drawing Competition

Drawing And Painting Competition for students organized by 'Art Club'.

Indoor Game

Game Zone

Fully functionl Indoor Game Zone equiped with Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis and Many more.

Out Door game

Box Cricket league

Box Cricket league Played between Students.

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